Secret Science’s New Video Is An Absurdist Pop Masterpiece

by Chris Pizzolo

The Chicago based quartet Secret Science has released a new video for their song “Dissonant Love”. The song is a lo-fi supercharged alternative rock track with fast paced drums and catchy guitar melodies. The band consists of life-long friends and family that have managed to translate their raucous partying and togetherness into thoughtful rock music.

This new video features absurd penguin suits, psychedelic green-screen acting, and slow motion pans that would make Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric proud.

The guys explain the video as “the type of attraction between two individuals that is bad for everyone involved, but impossible to walk away from.”

Their debut full length Secret Science is due out at the end of March with an album release show on 3/23 at Emporium Arcade in Chicago.

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