SEGO Releases A Gleaming Remix Of “The Fringe”

by Chris Pizzolo 


One of the most exciting music discoveries for me this year has been SEGO, the Los Angeles-by-way-of-Provo duo Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carrol. Their music is a funky angular take on retro pop with buckets of punk splashed over it. Their unique sound was perfectly painted over this summer’s critically acclaimed full length release, Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around, and it’s no surprise that the creative duo is back with another fun offering.

SEGO is planning to release a collection of remixes featuring efforts from some of the most innovative producers around and today’ we’re proud to premiere Rocky O’Reilly’s take on “The Fringe”.  The remix is a cheery re-imagination of an already flawless track. This upgraded version of “The Fringe” fosters a more bopping halftime feel with gleaming verses and poetically chaotic choruses. If this first remix is an indicator for what’s to come, then it’s safe to say that Christmas has come early. Turn this one up and enjoy!

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