“It’s gonna take time but it’s gonna happen” Shimmy Choo Knows What He Wants

by Brandie Perez

Shimmy Choo interview

Photo by Brandie Perez

Play Too Much: When did you discover you love to sing?

Shimmy Choo: I was around 18 when I knew I wanted to take music on a serious level but you know at that age there are still time for growing and developing. Have to pass through certain experiences in life to put me in the mindset I am now, see now I know this what I want to do forever.

PTM: Where did you go for your education?

SC: I went to school in PS5 in Dyckman, since that’s where I’m from. Then moms dukes got a crib in the X, I ended up going to a middle school out there and also high school. Went to college for like a year, dropped out – it wasn’t for me at all. Just teach you the same nonsense since little, feel like I’ve learned more in the streets from the old heads.

PTM: What is your biggest influence?

SC: Immediate Family and struggle became the main reason I grind so hard. Why I said immediate? Cause I don’t call everyone family. I’m talking about my mother, dad, niece and two younger sisters. Can’t forget about my 3comma family, everything else ain’t on my list. Just have to thank them “they are my influence” they are the reason I do music the way I do. Of course I look up to bigger artists because of what they doing, I don’t know them personally to say they have a impact in my life.

PTM: What is some of your biggest achievements?

SC: I still haven’t completed any of the things that I want to achieve, I put so much pressure on my self. I want to be big, I wana tour, buy moms a crib, I just don’t want to struggle no more. Worst feeling is going to the studio creating so many great records then have to snap back to reality. I feel like this question, I will have the answer when my life changes.

Photo by Brandie Perez

Photo by Brandie Perez

PTM: How has your career advanced over the years?

SC: I drop my first mixtape the beginning of 2016 Back To My Time Zone. Since then I have dropped numerous amount of single, freestyles and collabs with others artist. Recent one is ” War Ready “, we got a lot of response from. I’m currently going to drop 2 singles one called “ride ” and “100 goons ” which videos are being getting done. Now I’ve been going to the studio much more then what I use to , with my management team, Shake The Block, been working personally now with Jeff The Don, our relationship remind me of Dr.frankstein and the monster he created. He’s molding me to become a great artist. We working on that monster record!!!!! That one record that’s gon put everything else to shame . A big big record that hit!!! We just finish up my Ep A Different Approach, coming soon.

PTM: What’s your overall goal, where do you see yourself in the next year?

SC: I’m trying accomplish things that they said I couldn’t. I want to be big, the next big thing coming out of Dyckman NYC. Just want my kid’s kids to eat off the music, want a Grammy, want plaques, want billboards position, endorsements all that!! It’s gonna take time but it’s gonna happen.

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