Anthony And The Mountain’s “Sick Of You” Gets A Jaw-Dropping New Sound

by Chris Pizzolo

Our friend Anthony and The Mountain is the reigning champion when it comes to fusing indie-goth and power pop together. Their latest offering is a repurposed collection of jaw-dropping remixes of  the song “Sick Of You” from their debut record I Felt Tall and Full of Blood. Each remixed version of “Sick of You” is comparable to Anthony’s presence as an artist; powerful, present, and intelligible.

Starting with Ginjavitis’ approach to the track, this version functions like a 2016 take on New Order’s “Blue Monday” combined with an early 90’s Madonna cadence. This track cheerfully boasts robust saw-bass synthesizers and clap happy cymbal hits on the hooks that rotate Anthony’s vocals to a more ever-present forefront.

Thunderfeels remix of “Sick Of You” is a delightfully funky Prince-esque take on the song. Although this version is  less driving than Robotic Tooth’s take on the song, this version is chillingly epic. The song starts with a playful synth crawl over Anthony’s vocals that jumps into an unstoppable dance groove.

It’s truly spectacular to marvel at how two people can have such unique interpretations of the same song, and it’s an absolute pleasure to listen to both of these. If you’re looking for something to jam to this Friday make sure you turn these tracks up.


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