Sinitus Tempo: “EgoCortex”

By Carlos Lima-Lopez

Sinitus Tempo’s “EgoCortex” is the work of a champion.  Prepare to take your mind on a smooth ride of dimensional, kick back tempos that are evocative and full of flavor. This is an album that exudes effort and confidence from an experienced artist who is ready to take on the music game. If Sinitus keeps this up, we may have another super producer on the rise.

Sinitus carries quite the extensive resume. He has worked with established MC’s like MED to newcomers like ADD 2, just to name some cats. His  Bandcamp page, Itunes catalog and other numerous works on Soundcloud show his dedication to honing his craft. A close friend reeled me into his music, and it’s definitely the type of goods  I engross myself into.

New York endured a very cold winter this year. I kid you not; the freezing atmosphere made it unbearably painful to be outside for any longer than ten minutes, despite wearing layers, gloves, hat and scarf.   When we had snow, we really had snow. Yet, to be honest, I sort of enjoyed that jive.

Tempo’s “EgoCortex” is reminiscent of this  snowy winter. However, I dare not call it dark. It brings to mind a white and cloudy world, with pleasing nighttime scenery. This imagery is very enjoyable for night owls, like myself.

The track “Maidens of the Nite” is a perfect example of this. This song is the score to relaxing with a cup of coffee while watching the snow fall.  Sinitus perfectly lays out this chill and introspective vibe with a string sample playing in the background which is complemented by vocals from his  guest singer, Valetina CX.

“Final Touch” is another one of those numbers that captures this tone. It is the soundtrack to a  long, lonely walk home or a camera catching nighttime activityin New York. The minor keys playing make for the perfect mood-setting experience. . “Winter Mistress” continues this atmospheric aura and features groovy jazz brushes with a live trumpet and some tasty Fender Rhodes sounding keys.

I bring up the whole winter motif because it sounds like, and I’m pretty sure he did, Sinitus Tempo created this album sometime in the winter. The moody touches in the album bring to mind being lost in quiet, reflective thought under a  blue night sky that fades into daybreak. Have you ever the sky as the sun rises? It’s really something. I have my own sad association with winter but nah! I’m not going to get into that. I have a dope album to talk about.

From the sound of his album, Sinitus Tempo  takes influence from revered producers like J Dilla, Flying Lotus and Nujabes. He wears them on his sleeve and he wears them proudly. “Memory Rush” has that soulful vibe and bounce that reminds me of Nujabes and Ummah era Dilla. That Jazzy piano riff just feels dope. “Ego Boost” is a damned great Spaghetti Western thumper that Flying Lotus would get himself involved in. That break when everything gets to be heavy is especially something I love. I also really like the sounds of “Cerebral Vortex”, as it comes out like the strangest, Jodoworsky inspired, sci-fi movie you can imagine. It also obviously reminds of what Flying Lotus has done, and it’s out there.

This hip-hop project boasts a lineup of  guest MC’s. To keep it short, Brian to Earth and Sir. E.U. get the job done with  thoughtful lyrics. Brian to Earth takes inspiration from Kendrick Lamar to deliver braggadocio inspired rhymes. Kendrick Lamar on a future Sinitus Tempo beat is something I want to hear.

Following Sinitus Tempo on Twitter, it’s clear to see his high aspirations and his contempt with the current music industry. Although he hasn’t given names, he has been turned down by some of the people he admires and wants to work with, and that’s a pretty big blow. This dude has serious talent and a dedicated work ethic. It’s 2015, and he has made a workload of material made available in the short time since he started making music.

Make no mistake, this time Sinitus  has a stronger focus and drive to deliver the goods. Not too long before “Ego Cortex”, he released another album, “Ten Wonders”. He has this combination of being experimental but keeping it soulful all while having this banging identity that can get the party going. I asked him not too long ago about the new album he’s working on, and from the sound, he’s going to go have more guests and keeping the album tighter. I hope that means it’s smaller in scope.

“Ego Cortex” is a celebration of hard work, strong passion, and feel for music. Yet,  I feel this is Sinitus Tempo warming up. He’s developing and finding his own musical character that’s  going to blow everything out of the water. I am no doubt privileged to witness his growth and musical maturity. J Dilla has “Donuts” that perfectly encapsulates all the work and sounds from his previous releases. Flying Lotus minimized his Dilla influence and has “Cosmogramma”, which I will forever champion as one of music’s greatest achievements. As FlyLo found his sound and place; I have nothing but faith that Sinitus Tempo will soon deliver his magnum opus.

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