Sizzy Rocket Is Dope

by Tyler Rescigno

Sizzy Rocket Dope new music

This past week pop-anarchist Sizzy Rocket released a free download of her latest track “Dope” via social media.

Sizzy Rocket opens her new single “Dope”, crooning over her piano, playing each chord with delicacy and intent. At its core, “Dope”, is a pop song. The lyrics are personal and reflective. However, the song breaks this convention as it progresses. The for-download-only track was made available for free 2/16.

Sizzy Rocket DopeAs the pre-chorus winds down, we expect an anthemic hook, but instead Sizzy presents a simplistic, atmospheric chorus that certainly is the highlight of the track. Out of the verse emerges a reflective synth line played on top of a sporadic display of contemporary drums, with the hi hats fluttering and changing speed over a boom bap syncopation of kick and snare. Sizzy pushes her voice through audio processors for the chorus where she layers her nearly whispered pitch shifted vocals to create a dense, hypnotic sound that gives weight to the pointed lyrics she repeats.

The chorus drSizzy Rocket Dopeops and she returns to her reverb soaked vocals and piano, and the atmosphere created by the chorus leaves. Such a sudden switch in style, should not be seen as confused songwriting. Sizzy manages to blur the lines between the two styles in a coherent and smooth way that is nothing less than intentional. In an instant, “Dope” shifts from a pop, power ballad to a meditative electronic break where her mantra is powerful in its effortlessness. Sizzy managed to mold “”Dope”” into a track that is stylistically broad and interesting in its structure, making “Dope” absorbing and addictive.

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