Sleep Storm’s “Relationship Status” Unravels The Vulnerability of Love

by Chris Pizzolo

Today Sleep Storm released their debut EP Relationship Status via Newlywed Records. If you’ve ever felt like the elementary school version of you is trapped in an adult’s body then you need to check out Relationship Status. The Utica (NY) via Utica (MI) duo have put forth a record that captures the ernest and vulnerable challenges of early love over a pallet of colorful and upbeat sounds. This four track sizzler features loads of layered synthesizers, playful and unique drum sounds and gorgeous vocals. A lot of this record revolves around love and reciprocity.  Songs like “Walls” and Boomerang showcase vocalist Rebecca Turner’s sincerity as a writer, and her flair as a vocalist. Listen up and enjoy every ounce of this fun and flavorful EP.

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