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Someday River Discuss “Cave” And The Influence Of Plato

By: Greyson Charnock of Someday River

“Cave” is a song that I wrote about 4 or 5 years ago. It has been recorded and re-recorded, named and renamed several times, but was never released until our recent EP. It’s a simple tune, as far as arrangement goes. There is a back and forth that builds throughout, making the song evolve linearly. In the verses there are hazy visual descriptions and vague metaphors to illustrate different situations; with the early verses being more literal, then eventually becoming abstracted, the song builds in intensity. This song has a structure and mode that make it unique to the other songs on our EP.

“Cave” was inspired by Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave”. It depicts the idea of leaving Plato’s Cave and becoming aware of what is outside (reality), while trying to maintain connection with what is inside the cave (illusion), as well. Holding on to what you can of that false-reality for the sake of escapism and sanity. It would be like trying to unlearn something that is too much to handle, or pick and choose which truths you would like to know and which you would not. That sentiment is almost frantic, I’m realizing now… It’s a last ditch effort to stay blissfully ignorant. So, in a way, I guess that makes the song about shedding innocence or naivety, but fighting to keep the qualities of being innocent or  naïve. It’s a fight that can’t be won in the end.


A lot of the meaning came to the song after I wrote it. I was knowingly influenced by “The Allegory of the Cave” upon writing the song, but the words weren’t as intentional then as they seem now. That is the way it works most of the time when I write lyrics. I’m more concerned with syllables and meter during the writing process; just trying to make words fit. It’s usually some time later when I realize what I was saying. You make stuff mean what you want it to, I suppose. It is interesting for me to have the opportunity to write about a song, and expand upon its meaning like this; I’m still finding out what it’s all about.

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