Sometimes it's worth traveling Sofar

By: Chris Pizzolo

A few days ago Mark and I had the pleasure of covering an intimate gig curated by Sofar Sounds. If you’re not familiar with Sofar sounds, imagine there’s a brilliant speak easy happening in your town where the best emerging artists are performing to a crowd of like-minded music lovers who are just as excited to be there as the performer is to play for them. They curate these gigs all over the planet daily.

When we walked into the cozy studio turned venue in Gowanus BK, we were amazed with how many people were there and how alive the room felt. There were feet dangling from man-made wooden mezzanines, free ice-cream, and indications all around that we were in store for one of the best summers ever.Sofar-2

The night started with a warm welcome from Sofar’s host Miriam Thom who encouraged everyone to get cozy, comfortable and friendly with one another as we welcomed Kevin Garrett on stage. If you aren’t familiar with Kevin Garrett you can check out his music here, or you can listen to our intimate interview with him after his set.  Kevin’s music is a window to his soul. It’s ernest, confident, and dark.  Accompanied by a drummer and synth bassist, Kevin wore his heart on his button down sleeve as he sang and played piano.Sofar-4

Following Kevin was Vinnie Ferra. Vinnie struck me as an underdog. It might have been his humble presence, and his quiet approach to the stage, but when he played he was an entirely different person.  He delivered a beautifully powerful performance full of conviction and energy. I suppose the best thing about being an underdog is the feeling of being championed at the end.


Closing out the night was Dominique Star. Dominique’s set was flawless as she had the audience bopping and singing along with her from beginning to end. Dominique is a charasmatic performer with a voice reminiscent of Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES. Sofar-10

If there was one thing I learned about Sofar sounds it’s that no matter where you throw a show, if it’s done with conviction and love the people will come whether close or far.


*photos by Spencer Cohen

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