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Songs are more than the facts that inspire them” | Stevie B Wolf on “Flights

By: Stevie B Wolf

Sometimes I write songs about things that are not actually happening in my life, dreams of love and lust and wonder that I wish I were living out. This is not one of those songs.

“Flights” is the most intensely personal and honest song I’ve written in a long time. The song came to me while climbing the staircase to an apartment I really didn’t want to enter. It popped into my head nearly fully formed; by the time I got to the top of the stairs, I broke down in tears. And when I got home hours later, all I had to do was set up a mic and keyboard and pick out the chord progressions. The only part that came later was the outro. I had properly recorded the song with my producer and we were about to finish mixing, but it seemed like it was still lacking something. So I asked him to set up a room mic, picked up an acoustic, and plunked out a melody that allowed me to wrap up the grieving that was this song.

Songs are more than the facts that inspire them; “Flights” is truly about grief, shock, disbelief, and burying your own pain to be there for those who mean the most to you.

Stevie B Wolf is a Brooklyn based artist who blends 70s synth and hard rock. For more information you can visit Stevie’s site here.


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