Songs We’re Thankful For

By: Play Too Much

This thanksgiving we’re posting songs that we’re thankful for. We’re grateful to have launched our website this year and to use our voice to spread musical cheer. Our writers, friend,s and bands have contributed to this list and we hope you play lit proudly this Turkey, or Tofurkey day!

10487607_10204249009088831_2190307327325231014_nJulianne’s Pick: This is the classic party song. I’m grateful for this song!

10297693_10202475125135742_8679299585492119597_nAlina’s Pick: This song just really makes it feel like everything is alright.

I’ll never know why, but Nelly always makes me smile.

1795522_10100145920476430_344267853_nCarlos’ Pick: One of my closest friends sent this to me a while ago, and the moment I heard it, I was gobsmacked.

I remember after band practice, I heard this song on a car ride home with a friend. Super banging track from a respected Hip-Hop producer.

KyleKyle’s Pick: I’m thankful for this amazing track because it makes my heart happy knowing a psychedelic rock trio can still exist in 2014. These guys will rock your turkey day!

10703773_839075409286_3660015367903010155_nMelanie’s Pick: I’m thankful for David Bowie.

A. Because he’s Ziggy Stardust

C. And he’s the Goblin King 

Here are my two fave tracks for Bowie:

1891303_10152313808716454_1718490776_oDavid’s Pick: Sly is broke and living in a van last time I checked. I’m thankful for the darker side of beauty.

Chris PChris’ Picks: I’m grateful for Mitski’s “Townie” because it reminds me that you can speak your mind and have fun playing rock & roll.

I’m Not Ready For Love” – Promise. Because you can get funky while wearing your heart on your sleeve.

10565232_10204715882521978_785472863976868095_nPaula’s Picks: Because this song makes me feel like I’m in church even though I’m Jewish

It’s the perfect song to walk 30 blocks to in the rain

993442_10202156394694400_63568032_nSara’s Picks: I’m grateful for “Washed Out” (aka Portlandia theme song)because it makes me happy and makes me dance right away!

I really like this one because if you’ve gone through a break up this song gets you.

ilanaIlana’s Pick: I’m thankful for Power Trip because, well, everything about is perfect. I’m also thankful for Climb because it introduced me to a sound of hip hop I had never heard before. Not to mention the subject matter is something I really connected with.

P2M Artists Pick:

Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 12.05.12 AMDylan Owen’s Picks:

10284995_10103381612498249_8490134154031503584_oAdam of Great Caesar Picks: This one is on repeat in my life right now.

10377375_10203140659732424_2168854112322335759_nMike of Great Caesar Picks:  I’m grateful for this one because it always makes me want to push sonic boundaries and create new worlds with music


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