Soul Junction: Homemade

by Samantha Wilson

One month ago at local haunt Tim’s Tavern, the bookish residents of Seattle uncrossed their arms and hit the dance floor. “Burning Down The House,” which probably hadn’t been danced to in the vicinity since its 1983 heyday, was being performed by Soul Junction. That’s the freedom of expression the jam band brings. Hailing from the State University of New York in Plattsburgh, they bring the college party to you.

The group consists of Ryan Ackerman (guitar), Mark Henrichs (drums), Eric Marcus (bass), and Abi Clark (soul singer). Brandon Bessette-Agnew (saxophone) is a new member of the band, but wasn’t able to join them on their “Funkagawea” tour.


After reaching their $3000 Kickstarter goal they hit the road in promotion of their new album Homemade. Homemade is a funk album with thoughtful lyrics and themes, and is reminiscent of the original funk movement of the 70’s. The album was mixed by Rob O’Dea, and mastered by Ben Collette who has worked with Phish. It was recorded in Burlington, VA at Tank Recording Studios, not far from their home base.

Now that the tour is finished you can catch them playing regular gigs at The Monopole in Plattsburgh and other venues in the area. They have new music and big plans underway, but their facebook page states that first there is “homework.” Here is their debut single “Homemade”:

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