Spritzer’s “The Twilite” Four Minutes Of Luxury Listening

by Chris Pizzolo

I was recently turned onto an artist called Sprtizer by an old friend, and as soon as I heard the first measure of “The Twilite” I couldn’t help but chuckle. I thought to myself, “Wow, there really is so much  music in the universe – it’s incredible.”

I was so excited by what I was hearing. The mood of the music was as if the spirits of Weather Report and Passion Pit came flying at one another at a thousand miles per hour. It’s a progressive-electronic pop masterpiece. The song features an elaborate horn section that’s guided by a driving guitar chord progression and a racing drum beat that playfully bounces on the ride for the majority of the song.

Sprtizer’s music is so musically vivid and refreshing, that you can’t help but think that it’s artists like Sprtizer that make high quality audio listening a priority. So many rich textures and layers to each bar of music, that were dilerbitely assembled is what makes the listening experience on this track so enjoyable.


If you you’re ready to  dive into something special, make sure it’s Sprtizer’s “The Twilite”.

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