Deeper Thoughts, a Taste of Trust: Zach Surp Releases “Ideas” Video

by Sara Waber

Hot-blooded r&b vocalist Zach Surp returns with the premiere of his music video for the song “Ideas”. Surp’s video tells the story of moving past love by introducing us to a character hung-up on love. We’re immersed in an unrequited world of grey with sudden bursts of hopeful color and fireworks.

We chatted with our favorite romantic to talk about his latest release.

Play Too Much: This video is beautiful. What’s it like editing a video you star in?

Zach Surp: I’ve been making videos about myself pretty often recently, but this one being a full length, my main concern was time-on-screen. I didn’t want to overdo it with my new mustache, but at the same time, I wanted certain moods of the song’s dynamics to play out while portraying myself and the way things move around me.


PTM: We’re loving the mustache! Where was this shot?

Surp: The main walking performance scene was shot in Montreil, Paris on a walk to get pizza at 4am during a studio session by my friend Tom. At the time my brain was pretty hazy but the mood outside was perfect and it was just barely cold enough so you could see my breath, so I played the tune from my phone and we just shot one take which ended up working out I think.

PTM: One take makes sense for this song. Spontaneous and imperfect. And how about the shots of the two women?

Surp: The shots of the two women were taken in Paris as well. Any shots with snow in it were taken in my hometown (Remsen) in Upstate NY upon my return to the states [for holidays] by Zeno who produced the tune. It was extra cold then, but the snow flurries and bright white night landscape made it worth it I think. [The video was shot in] about 5 days total, within a 1.5 month stretch

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.34.43 PM
PTM: Can you tell us about your vision? How do you think the dynamics of the video relate to the dynamics of the tune?

Surp: Initially, I wanted to do a John Cusack: Say Anything – y’know – holding the radio up to a girl above in a balcony type of thing with the “so just come down” vocal, but then realized I wanted it to feel more intimate and face-to-face. Nothing being shouted really. The mood begins with a mystery girl whom I’ve just recently met. She’s willing to listen and give me a bit of her time, but I’m asking for more. Deeper thoughts, a taste of trust, kind of like Aladdin asking Jasmine to take his hand and cruise off on the magic carpet.


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