“A Conversation” With Tan Brown

by Chris Pizzolo

There’s a certain mystique about Tan Brown that is delightfully inexplicable. A pure source of raw talent combined with pop sensibility, Tan Brown makes music that isn’t intended to hit the radio, it’s intended to hit your heart. The latest offering from the Queens native is a music video for the song “A Conversation”. The song is a real treat, a downtempo r&b piano ballad with crunchy beats and silky melodies.  “A Conversation” confronts the questions surrounding love and a new relationship.

The new video feels like a tribute to an art-house approach to film noir. Simple black and white shots of Tan inter spliced with text slides that reveal the often brooding and over-thought ideas about a new relationship. Vivid and earthy colors do arrive to the screen moving the narrative along from focusing on questions and worry to enlightenment and choice. The video was shot and edited by Jazmin Gonzaga & Tan Brown. Enjoy!

Tan Brown music video

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