Tan Brown “Beautiful” Live From Village Music World

by Chris Pizzolo

Thursday August 25th marked one of the last truly gorgeous days of the summer in New York City. It was a bright and hot day that turned into a cool night and there couldn’t have been a better way to kick off the night than with a party at one of our favorite record shops, Village Music World. Our friend and co-collaborator Zachary Surprenant aka MightyProdZach curated a beautiful night of some of the most sensational R&B artists featuring, McCallaman, Aus Taylor, and even a special appearance from Duckwrth.

photo by Zachary Surprenant

Aus Taylor before their performance, photo by Zachary Surprenant.

2016-08-30 (2)

Duckwrth performing at Village Music World, photo by Zachary Surprenant

2016-08-30 (1)

Zachary S aka Mighty Prod Zach introducing the night, photo by Chris Pizzolo

2016-08-30 (3)

McCallaman performing at Village Music World, photo by Zachary Surprenant

Among those artists was Tan Brown. When Tan sang “Beautiful” something happened to the room that I haven’t seen in a long time. Everyone was laser focused on her performance. It was enticing, and powerful. It wasn’t overly loud, or complicated, but it was absolutely soulful. Thats’ why we are so excited to share this video from Tan Brown performing her original song “Beautiful” with a hint of Foo Fighters in there as well.

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