Live Show Review

“Thanks For Everything, Transit” | The Farewell Tour

By: Nate Wind

Last week I had the opportunity to catch Transit’s farewell tour at The Studio @ Webster Hall on their first of two nights in New York City.

Opening the show was Light Years, a solid pop punk group from Ohio, whose self deprecating banter and upbeat tunes started the night off with an overwhelming positive and happy tone.

IMG_4011 IMG_4077

“This next song is called Let You Down — which is what we’ve been doing all night.”

– Pat Kennedy, singer of Light Years


Next up was With The Punches, who technically went on hiatus in 2013, but have played a very small handful of shows in 2016. This gave fans even more of a reason to lose their minds during the set. And they did. It was relentless energy from start to finish.IMG_4274 IMG_4309 IMG_4585

Direct support for this date was filled by Dave Mackinder, singer of Fireworks. After Fireworks went on hiatus last year, I never imagined I would be hearing their songs played by Dave on just an electric guitar as soon as a year later. It was a huge pleasure to have that opportunity.


When Transit took the stage, euphoria filled the room. I don’t know who was happier, the fans or the band.

IMG_4660 IMG_4679

Transit played for almost two hours in total and there was more passion in that set than I have seen in almost any band in my life. Most of their setlist was chosen at random from song suggestions picked out of a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin.

IMG_4706 IMG_4753

The environment was intimate and it seemed that 10 years later, everything was coming full circle. Transit is still just a group of guys who enjoy playing music and are doing it for all of the right reasons. Thanks for everything, Transit.


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