The Dirty Nil – ‘Smite’

By: AJ Sugar 

The Dirty Nil. Punk attitude at its finest, and hooky without finding themselves lost in a sea of ‘pop-punk’. Their most recent release, Smite, is the first to be available on CD for the benefit of having affordable and accessible merch for 2015’s Warped Tour. Before this, their work has been released in an almost too hipster vinyl and cassette format (and of course digital, because, well, obviously…).

Despite straying from this “too cool for CDs”  formula, The Dirty Nil stay true to what makes them stand out. CDs are supposed to sound cleaner and refined, but all the grit and raw energy from this band is maintained beautifully. The first track, “Nicotine”, is self-fulfilling, you can’t listen without a cigarette in your hand. Energy hits right off the bat and doesn’t slow down or let you catch your breath in between drags.

Filthy guitar solos and growling vocals that will make you wonder how singer Luke Bentham can even talk after a show fill out the middle of this album. Even if you haven’t seen them live, you shake and headbang along the entire time, as if they are on a one-foot-high stage right in front of you. My speakers are actually dripping with their sweat.

As the last of the five songs hits, you don’t even realize that it has already been 11 minutes. Everything is blasted through in two-minute shots of what you know your ears have been missing. Grab another smoke, crank the stereo louder, and listen to the rest of their discography… you’ve got time.

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