The Few – ‘Sleep Tight’ EP

By: AJ Sugar

St. Louis based rockers and good friends of mine ‘The Few’ are out on the road for a 50+ show summer tour. If you get a chance to see them grab their new EP ‘Sleep Tight’. The songs are not available online yet, so grabbing it from them in person is your only chance to get it! Going to a rock show is infinitely more fun than sitting in front a computer, anyway, so get out and pick up your copy of this disc all while supporting live music. Everyone wins!

I had the pleasure earlier this year of being in the studio with ‘The Few’ while they recorded a full length record. The ‘Sleep Tight’ EP is a sampling of this, and even though I have heard most of these songs on a loop through the recording process, the final mixes on this disc still blew me away. I thought I would go into this with a jaded, I’ve-heard-this-400-times attitude, but damn it, these guys rock! I’ll listen to this 400 more times and still not be tired of it.

As I mentioned, this EP isn’t available online yet, but I do happen to have a live studio video from last year, featuring tracks 1 and 3 for your listening pleasure. If you are sleuthy enough (or still use MySpace), you can find an older demo of track 2 as well, but you didn’t hear that from me.

The opening track ‘If I Die, At Least It’s With My Friends’ opens fast and dirty. It’s stop and go punk music, chantable choruses, and everything to make you embrace your angry inner teenager. Track 2, ‘Exterminate’, continues with just as much energy, and for lack of a better term, sheer bad-assery. Epic falsetto screaming at the end kind of makes your brain melt in all  the right ways. These guys are considerate though; As the disc comes to a close, they slow it down, giving your mind a break from being completely in-your-face. ‘After the Tone’ pulls everything down to an emotional acoustic song. Halfway through the rest of the band joins in to bring back the energy, turning it into a fantastic punk-feeling ballad. It’s a beautiful song, and a wonderful way to end this tease of an EP.

Props to these guys for doing the grind of an independent tour. The road can be rough, but the talent, music, and sheer drive that ‘The Few’ have is stunning. Find a show and see what I mean. While you’re at it, buy them some fast food and tell them AJ Sugar says ‘hey’.

Find all their tour dates here:

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