The Jacques: The Artful Dodger EP

by AJ Sugar

Being in a band demands that you become family with the other members; The Jacques took this quite literally, being composed of 2 sets of brothers, coming together to create an unstoppable 4-piece of frantic rock and roll power. This young and brilliant band, hailing from Bristol, England, recently dropped their second EP, The Artful Dodger. As soon as it is available in their web store, I will be purchasing a vinyl copy of this album and shall anxiously await its arrival from half a world away—conveniently for you and me, however, we can stream it—fo’ free!!—on SoundCloud here:

Banging off right away with the eponymous track, the disc tricks you into a false sense of security with a chill bass and drum groove. Ten seconds later and the guitars come in blazing and give that oh-so-beautiful feeling, and you know that this EP is going to be a great one…

The song ends very suddenly, and we are lead into the second track, “Down and Out in London and Tokyo”, a song that will have you bouncing and dancing the entire time. This isn’t fluff or filler, however, The Jacques keep you hooked in as you are pulled through and into track three, “Painkiller”. It’s slower paced, but doesn’t drag at all and perfectly leads up to the final song, “This Is England”. It’s another high-spirited, playful sounding jam, but lashes out lyrically in a beautiful contrast to the music.


The Jacques have given us a badass collection of songs (I highly recommend their first EP as well). It’s fresh sounding, catchy, and oh-so-potent; give them a listen, and an obligatory Facebook ‘like’.

Also, someone please buy me these shades, thanks…


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