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“The noise of growth, the birthing of an idea.” – Noah Engel, Forming Sounds

By Noah Engel

This record is called Forming Sounds. It is an Abstract-Expressionist Apartment Rock Album created by myself, Noah Engel, and produced by Jesse Leonard. Forming Sounds can be construed literally as “making noises”, but can also be construed as the sound of conception, the noise of growth, the birthing of an idea. It was created over the past year, mostly in my apartment and the apartments of Jesse Leonard and Tony G, and the artwork was created by my dad, Christopher Engel.

This is the first full length album I’ve created outside of my band, Harmony House. Even though, I’ve been writing and recording songs for the past ten or so years. I feel I’ve achieved a beginning, middle, and end and have created something whole in and of itself. I have strived for a purity of vision and a certain clarity, working unconsciously, with sounds as colors and songs as paintings.

These are some people that influenced me while I made this record: Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell, Willem DeKooning, Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko, Dennis Oppenheim, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, Van Morrison, Animal Collective, Daniel Johnston, Arthur Russell, and Atlas Sound.


Along with his solo project, Noah Engel is the lead singer and guitarist in NYC based band Harmony House. Check out their latest album here It’s A Powerful Thing via Sorry Records


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