The Round Table | Sessions + Podcast

By: Chris Pizzolo

For the modern singer-songwriter, your time has to be divided into equal parts; writing songs, performing anywhere and everywhere you can, growing your social presence, and meeting as many people as you possibly can, just so you can put yourself on the radar. That’s why we wanted to curate something that side stepped all the forts, and hype, and showcased true emerging artists. These artists are the artists that thanklessly play gigs every week, write songs daily, and use their own life as their muse.

Our evening started off with live performances from Joni Fatora, Shlomo Franklin, and gobbinjr.

In addition to performing, we wanted to have a real dialogue with Joni, Shlomo and Emma (aka Gobbin Jr) and a panel of industry insiders, Paul Payabyab-Cruz (MC of Negative Death and Digital at Megaforce Records ) and Troy Keon (founder of Color Station) to create a meaningful discussion about the state of the industry.


In this Round Table podcast, the results were just what we were hoping for: A CLASH OF OPINIONS. Because is there no ONE way to success (And what does success in the industry even mean anymore? A million video views? Sold out shows? Coverage by NPR? ) So it was refreshing to hear each individual speak from the different stages in which they are at in their music career, whether that be playing your third live show to having come off a major indie tour. This gave great insight on what it really means to be apart of the hustle in today’s musical environment.

Photos by Paul Payabyab-Cruz

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