The Shivers “Soulmate”

By Chris Gardner

(photo credit Tim Peterson)

Lead by New York singer-songwriter Keith Zarriello, The Shivers have been around since 2001 releasing almost a dozen projects in that time. The band started to develop a following after the release of their 2004 album CHARADES. Since then, they have amassed a loyal following including celebrity endorsements from Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul (Zarriello performed his song “Beauty” at Paul’s wedding in May 2013), and Harry Potter lead Daniel Radcliffe (Radcliffe listened to the band to help prepare for his role in Horns and even got the song “Lonely Road” to appear in the film). Zarriello doesn’t write love songs, but he has always had a knack for writing great, thought-provoking songs about love and his newest single “Soulmate” is no different.

Released as one side of The Shivers newest 7” vinyl, “Soulmate” is a beautiful, piano laced track about Zarriello’s search for the one. Like any good song, it sticks with you all day long. It’s driving drum beat, warm guitar, and sharp lyrics keep you thinking long after the last note is played. Zarriello doesn’t know who his soulmate is, or where she might be, but one thing is for certain “she don’t wanna have kids”.

If you like what you hear, and you’re in the area, be sure to check out The Shivers this Saturday, July 22nd at Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn. The show starts at 8pm, and is 21+ so be sure to have your I.D. handy. The show will be a bit of a homecoming for Zarriello and is sure to be something special for the fans in attendance. Don’t forget about the FREE after party at Zablozki’s down the road from Rough Trade. Hope to see y’all there!

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