The Silver Tongues “Constant Reminder”

By: Paul Payabyab-Cruz

A friend recently told me his co-worker makes music. I asked the name of the band, saw their record “Constant Reminder” for sale, bought it, and listened. No one told me to do this. I didn’t see a review of the record on a blog. They didn’t play The Tonight Show. Listening to The Silver Tongues was out of pure curiosity, and their rawness resonated with me.

With unquantized guitars and imprecise, instinctual drumming, the album is visceral. A wall of sound. Songs like “Ocean\Mirror,” which features splashy cymbals, a melodic bass line, and layers of huge chords dominating the soundscape allow me to feel emotion rather than think about technicality.

“Crystal Lake” –the album closer, is a reminder that self-expression is at the root of this record. Instead of using a guitar solo to show off virtuosity, this instrumental track speaks with melodies, creating consonants in a song without words.

“Constant Reminder” has the spirit of an outcast high-schooler who just discovered punk music, but with the maturity of an artist with a vision. If you are tired of over-produced songs that seem to value cleanliness over emotion, The Silver Tongues’ “Constant Reminder” is the pick-up you need.

Check out their facebook page also! 

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