The Subways | Self Titled New Album

by AJ Sugar

It’s been four years since the last release from The Subways, a 3-piece group from possibly the most English sounding place ever, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England. Their latest self-titled release, however, sounds just like straight up rock and roll should.

The 12 songs are quickly blasted through, with only two topping three minutes. The entire time is gorgeous though, in typical Subways fashion. Vocals bounce between guitarist Billy Lunn and bassist Charlotte Cooper, and the music takes you up and down, as it alternates between in-your-face rock and broken down acoustic sections. This back-and-forth style is a staple of the band, which they continue to do flawlessly.

In contrast to far too many albums, there is no slump in the middle of this disc. In fact, my favorite tracks land at number eight and nine, and there hasn’t been a dull moment through the entirety. New and fresh elements add to their sound everywhere. Not that they necessarily needed that, as they just kick ass in general, but it keeps it interesting to those who’ve followed this band through their previous albums.

I won’t go out as far as saying that this disc is incredible and groundbreaking, but it shows the consistent talent, both musically and songwriting-wise, within this trio. In fact, I feel like with these short songs, the end comes all too soon. The last track is, ironically enough, titled “Is That Enough?” My answer is a resounding ‘no’, I’ll take more jams like this any day.


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