The Wild Reeds Sessions | Live From Refuge Recording

By: Chris Pizzolo

I’ll never forget the feeling when I discovered we’d be doing a Play Too Much session with The Wild Reeds. It’s a bit difficult to eloquently articulate but I guess, simply put, I would describe it as excitement and gratitude reacting simultaneously.



I became a fan of The Wild Reeds after watching their Audiotree session. If you aren’t familiar with the band, you’ll be blown away by their musicality and songwriting from the first note. The Wild Reeds’ music showcases an old-timey approach to a contemporary singer-songwriter pallet of songs.



Each of their songs ride a beautiful melodious wave of interchanging harmonies with thought provoking analogies of love and the uncertainty that comes with it.

Needless to say that when the session day came I was fan-boying pretty hard. Having the opportunity to film 60 + sessions in the last two years has been an absolute thrill, but filming The Wild Reeds was an accomplishment. A trio of super professional, super humble artists on their grind, makes what we do all the more fulfilling. Sharon, Mackenzie, and Kinsey gracefully played “Love Make A Fool” and “What I Had In Mind” flawlessly in one-take.


From our perspective, it’s very exciting to be able to showcase so many great artists on a regular basis, and this week’s feature is no exception.


All photos by Chris Pizzolo

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