Teen Daze’s New Album, Themes For Dying Earth, Is A Reminder To Find Serenity In Times Of Calamity

by Kelley Lin

In his new album, Themes For Dying Earth, Canadian artist Teen Daze perfects another noise-filled examination of the Pacific Northwest.

Teen Daze Artist Photography Indie Music
Photo by Sharalee Prang

Under the stage name Teen Daze, one-man producer Jamison Isaak has produced ten new tracks that mimic the sounds of our floral world. Isaak began his music career by making demos on his bedroom floor in a city called Abbotsford, located an hour outside of Vancouver. As his hometown in British Columbia is scattered with endless mountain ranges and waterways, his songs remain dreamy and pensive—always returning to nature.

Compared to previous albums like Glacier or All Of Us, Together, Theme For Dying Earth has transformed and re-assembled Isaak’s previously upbeat synths into sonnets. He composed new tracks “Cherry Blossoms” and “Rising” with an iconic and moony optimism that he had seemed to leave behind in previous albums. Meanwhile, songs like “Dream City” and “Anew” stay true to the instrumental spirit of his Rainwater Coffee EP without leaving behind its big heart. Above all else, Teen Daze manages to string together each album with a universal crescendo and fall.

The album, which feels like sunlight in a snowstorm, strikes a gentle balance between ambience and synth-pop. More than just pleasant melodies, Themes For Dying Earth succeeds in reminding listeners to find serenity in times of overwhelming calamity. In moments of strain, the album’s final song “Breath” urges composure and reflection by looking up at the beauties above and around you. At its core, it is a sound-reservoir most clearly of nature’s grace, written with the countryside in mind.

Themes For Dying Earth marks the launch of a Teen Daze-led original record label, FLORA / sounds and visions, as well as his first LP since 2015’s Morning World, which garnered widespread acclaim for its faultless production. The artist is now on tour with Mozart’s Sister in select main cities throughout both the US and Canada. You can catch his performance in Brooklyn, NY at The Silent Barn on February 16.


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