The Zilla Show “Aquarian” Live From Boston

by Play Too Much 

With booming cities like Philly, Baltimore, and Portland, the music scene in Boston seems to get overlooked. That’s why we teamed up with Sofar Sounds in Boston to put a spotlight on just a few of the artists that represent the incredible talent pool that exists in Boston.

Among that list of extraordinary Boston bands is The Zilla Show. A Boston based 5-piece band that smoothly incorporates funk, folk, pop, soul and rock all at the same time.  What makes the band such a treat to watch is the knockout combination of multi-tasking musicians that juggle complex rhythmic arrangements on their instruments while locking into a harmonious vocal grooves that would give angels chills. Performing as a 4-piece at our party, the group took a packed house of listeners on a journey through pop-funk odysseys.

The Zilla Show in Boston Sofar Sounds with Play Too Much

Check out this incredible performance of “Aquarian” filmed live at Sofar Sounds in Boston.

This video was edited by Joseph Wright, with audio mixing from Zeno Pitarelli, and filmed by Julianne Waber, Sara Waber, and Chris Pizzolo of Play Too Much. Photos by Brandon Johnson from all things harmony.

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