Tracks We're Playing Too Much

By: Sara Waber

Shilpa Ray A Contemporary Savage

Shilpa Ray’s latest Last Year’s Savage is a masterpiece. Quite simple. From the first second of recorded air, you know that the album only contains the most beautiful intent that an up and coming artist can offer. Vintage tones, and a contemporary outlook, Shilpa’s music reminds me of Iggy Pop; at times it’s mega aggressive but still fun and dancy. Her bio toutes that “Shilpa Ray has, up till this, point, yes, been an “artist’s artist.” Just about every musician in New York City, who doesn’t hate her, loves her,” and you can understand why upon first listen.

Do us a favor, please buy this record. It comes complete with the best lyric ever, “So you think you’ll die a prince in Joshua Tree?”

Also check out her latest video, which is absolutely incredible. 

Saun & Starr remind us what love sounds like

The funky fresh sounds of Saun & Starr are a refreshing delight. When I  hear songs like “Big Wheel” and “Look Closer (Can’t You See The Signs”) they make me want to jump out of my skin. I can hardly control myself when I hear these great new songs off their latest album Look Closer. The reason I get so hyped up is because a new recording that sounds so crisp and yet is covered in tradition is such a beautiful gift and one that needs to be cherished. If there is any record that you buy this year, make sure this is it.

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