Tracks We’re Playing Too Much: Hudson Mohawke “Ryderz”

By Carlos Lima-Lopez

Hudson Mohawke’s music is often so frenetically colorful and off the wall, you might as well imagine yourself jumping around like you have the worst case of a sugar rush. The dude announced some time ago that he has a new album due out in June. Judging by the immense energy his new single has, I can say, 6 years after his debut was worth the wait.

“Ryderz” is a banger in the sense that I openly admit Hudson Mohawke took me to church. Taking from D.J. Rogers soulful “Watch Out For The Riders”, Mohawke has constructed a beat worthy of comparison to his label mate, Kanye West, and longtime influence, Just Blaze. I should probably ask Just Blaze how he feels about that song.
Mohawke does something I really like; he gives the sample some breathing space to be its own thing. As soon as it builds, BOOM! “Ryderz” erupts into such chaos and euphoria. He does what he does best by giving us a fast paced and energetic drum sequence. I also really like how well the sample is mixed in with the drums; it’s not at all drowned out and you can hear D.J. Rogers wail his heart out. As the song nears its end, I hear those candy sounding keys he’s know for, and that’s when I know I got a HudMo certified banger.
It goes without saying, since I am a fan, Hudson Mohawke is Kanye West’s secret weapon on his GOOD roster. Thus far, he has produced for the likes of Pusha T, Drake, John Legend, Yeezy and has produced with Ye himself. The dude is a fireball. He is clearly capable of changing the Pop landscape with his forward thinking approach to music.My main concern is hoping Hudson Mohawke doesn’t follow a straight forward Pop approach to his music. I really like his other single, “Very First Breath”, after giving it a
lukewarm reception at first. Now with the release of “Ryderz”, I can honestly say I am geeked for this album. Hopefully he’ll have some advance copies during his tour and I can have him sign it, just so I can call him a “fucking bastard” to his face, in a humorous reference to his interview with Nardwaur.

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