Tracks We're Playing Too Much: New Slayer

By: Mark Schenkel

The idea of a slow-paced Slayer song almost feels like a musical oxymoron. For over 25 years, the Thrash Meal titans have played head banging classics that would make a bobblehead doll’s neck sore.

“When The Stillness Comes” is the first taste of new music from Slayer since losing long time guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who tragically passed away in 2013 of liver failure. Fortunately for Slayer fans, Exodus guitarist Gary Holt stepped up to trade off riffs with the one and only Kerry King.

As the song begins, it’s nearly impossible to shake that creepy “Is someone watching me through my window?” vibe that Slayer has perfected over the course of their career.

The eerie spoken word verses come to a boiling point when vocalist Tom Araya screams the song’s title, and Slayer’s trademark sound brings the song to a crushing conclusion.

“When The Stillness Comes” can be heard on Slayer’s new album “Repentless” coming out September 11th.


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