TRACKS WE'RE PLAYING TOO MUCH: Pretty Vicious – Cave Song


I recently wrote about my stumbling across the UK-based band The Tones, a band small enough that I am still not entirely sure how I happened across their music. I’ve discovered a rabbit hole, though; after clicking the ‘Liked by this page’ button on Facebook, I  uncovered  another glorious musical treasure that is Pretty Vicious.

This is another single-song write up, as Pretty Vicious’ ‘Cave Song’ is a lone beacon of rock and roll blazing on their SoundCloud page. Guitars open the song and it builds through the intro until it all drops out and the new voice of grunge sings out to you from the depths of the internet.
As a band name, ‘Pretty Vicious’ couldn’t be more accurate: it’s gritty, raw, and ruthless, but done seductively in the way that only punk rock can. The track closes over a chorus of ‘na-na-nas’ that normally would sound like lazy songwriting; here, however, it fits perfectly with the straight-up don’t-give-a-damn attitude of the song. It will have you singing along, whether you want to or not.
Pretty Vicious has  plenty of other tracks floating around on Spotify, Youtube, and more. It’s not a particularly cohesive way to release music, but this treasure hunt of sorts makes each new song you stumble across  that much cooler in a way, as if you’ve worked for it and earned the right to listen to the songs. So go out there, fire up the Google machine, and give Pretty Vicious a listen. You might even find some other gems along the way.

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