Tracks We’re Playing Too Much: The Dirty Nil “No Weaknesses”

by AJ Sugar

I wasn’t going to write another blurb on a band I’ve already written about, but timing is perfect with the release of The Dirty Nil’s newest cut, “No Weaknesses”. I won’t get too angsty and emo, but sometimes you just run into one of those fuck-it-all kind of days–today (or several days ago by the time this is posted/you read it) is one of those days.

This song made it not matter, though. I mean come on, look at the single cover alone, how does that not just scream EPIC and zero-fucks-given?!


An angry feedback intro accosts your ears and before you can even get your bearings, immediately you are thrown into the middle of a guitar riff who’s only purpose is to destroy the world. That doesn’t matter though, this world can go to hell for the two and a half minutes of this track. It’s heavy, it’s turbulent, it’s glorious. It’s The Dirty Nil at their finest.

Today sucks less now. Cheers.

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