Tracks We Play Too Much

Tricot “DeDeDe”

by Dertrick Winn

Tricot is a post-punk Math rock band from Kyoto, Japan who are currently signed to American indie-rock label Topshelf Records. They have been touring the United States since 2015 and have received praise from major music news outlets such as Rolling Stone, Fader and NME. Combining the precise reeling that is Math rock with sentimental lyrics, they engineer a musical experience that is as unique in Japan as it is stateside.

“DeDeDe” is the first single from their forthcoming album 3, which will be available on 12” vinyl, CD, cassette and digitally on May 17th. If you are unfamiliar with the genre of Math rock, the constant time signature and tempo changes may catch you off guard, but if you hang on, this introspective roller coaster of a track will lead you somewhere pleasant.

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