Tunji Ige: The University of Hip Hop

By: Noah Dolinajec

Imagine this: you’re 19 years old, attending university to complete a formal education and oh yeah- you’re a rising rap star with an unreal talent for creating unique hip-hop tracks.

Tunji Ige is a Philadelphia native and a son of Nigerian immigrant parents. His city’s gritty history is illustrated strongly in his work, especially in songs like “For Us” and “Slow Dance.” where he comments on the all too real violence and economic struggles that accompanied the neighborhoods he grew up in. But remember, he’s just a kid. It wasn’t even until age 16, after moving away from the city, that he started really taking to music. The songs he’s released on his Soundcloud Page express his artistic ability and versatility as a rapper despite his age.

His music draws influence from Kid Cudi and other down-tempo hip hop but also incorporates more ‘thug’ and ‘gangster’ aspects heard in heavy rap, like talking about violence, sex and the abundance of drugs combined with hard basslines..

Although Tunji has yet to release a full length album, his single “Day2Day” and its resulting remix with Michael Christmas and ILoveMakonnen promise to make an impact.

It doesn’t seem like there is much between the lines here- Ige strives to be a rapper that truly changes the game and strikes fear in the industry’s norms.

When push comes to shove, the kid is juggling quite the load. He’s attempting to finish a Bachelor’s Degree from West Chester University and working to finish his first full length album. writer Elias Leight says the upcoming release “does a good job of pleasing multiple demographics.” According to Tunji himself, that was the goal.

“‘So many times over the recent years, there’s pivotal albums that appeal to one crowd — I wanted this to appeal to all,” the young rapper says. “‘And with this in mind, I had the idea to make a song in every realm of hip-hop.’”

More info about who I like to call ‘The Academic Rapper’ can be found on his website:

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