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Twin Wave Channels Ernest Hemingway On Their New Single “Matador”

By: Nick Williams of Twin Wave

Our new single “Matador” was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises.” I first became really taken by the novel during a time living in Paris in 2008 and the passages on bullfighting as an art form really stuck out to me. Seeing beauty and being mesmerized by that kind of violence lingered with me ever since, and it was the first thing that came into my head after Sarik and Maxx first wrote the guitar riff that leads the track.

“Matador your melody,

it’s in our heads when you walk away.”

Photo by Andrew Segreti

Photo by Andrew Segreti

It’s the first track released off our new EP Pour Out The Dark. It’s our second to date, but it came to fruition after a big sea change in our group. We split with our rhythm section early last year and forged ahead as a trio of myself (Nick Williams; vocals), Sarik Kumar (guitarist) and Maxx Berkowitz after a couple of years pounding the pavement in NYC and building up our live show. We connected with producer Tommy Eichmann (Alex Winston), who we worked with at Brooklyn’s Mission Sound this past summer on the five-song record. He helped us to really hone our sound and help build the arc of the tracks and the overall aesthetic.

The title of the EP itself comes from one of the new unreleased tunes, whose lyrics I wrote about my first year living in New York City. I had just graduated college and was totally overwhelmed about figuring out what to do with my life. The record is a lot about finding your footing and reflecting on the difficulty of being in your early twenties in such a big city. It’s also about the difficulty of having to choose to make changes in your life to better yourself, even when it means hurting people that are close to you.

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