Young, Wild and Free, Uruguay Releases “Sabrina Segment”

by Chris Pizzolo

The New York based duo, Uruguay recently premiered a video for the song “Sabrina Segment”. This downtempo chill-wave electronic track features a beautifully subdued vocal melody and an infectious groove. Comprised of vocalist Stepha Murphy and producer Benjamin Dawson-Sivalia, Uruguay cites their experience coming to NYC as the impetus for their latest video.  Directed by Murphy, the video is a seductive journey into a day in the life of these urban artists that features fresh buzz cuts, tattoos, and rooftops.

Perhaps what’s most refreshing about “Sabrina Segment” is hearing the words “I’m Young, Wild and Free” and believing it. Unfortunately, more often than not, such a phrase can be a big-box retailer’s branding attempt to reach into millennial’s pockets. In Uruguay’s case, these words feel like a true reflection of their artistry and drive.

If there’s one track you keep on repeat today, make sure it’s this one.


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