Vinny Vegas “Lung Benders

by Chris Pizzolo

Not quite rock enough to be considered “rock & roll”, not quite shoe-gazey enough to be considered “indie”, and not  a shredding punker. How would you classify a song that encompasses all of the aforementioned qualities, but also has an edge of youthful heartache and scorn? I guess you would call it, emo – right?

When I watched the new video from Vinny Vegas, I was totally taken a back. Besides being a cleverly titled track, “Lung Benders” is a gorgeous display of Vinny Vegas‘ talent as songwriters. Singer and guitarist Scott Siskind says “Lung Benders is the first song we wrote for this record. I would say the song structure is about 90% of what it was when it was first played during an improvisation with the five of us in the basement. We were all going through a lot of life changes at the time, and it was a particularly tense practice because of that.”

The video is a trippy companion piece to Vegas‘ 5 minute saga. “Lung Benders” encompasses all of the most charming characteristics of bands like Deftones, Manchester Orchestra, and even Fall Out Boy, without any of the cheese associated with those bands.

The song and video demonstrate the band’s explosive and imaginative sound. Siskind adds “As far as the video goes, I tried to capture some of the imagery that floats through my brain when I close my eyes and sing this song. It has a very stream of consciousness vibe to it, and I tried to convey that as much as I could.””

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