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Weezer’s “Feels Like Summer” Stays True To Its Name

by Katherine Butler

Weezer recently released a new single, “Feels Like Summer,” just in time for the warmer spring weather to kick in.  The single comes along with the news of an upcoming eleventh studio album and a seven-month tour.

“We decided to skip spring entirely and go straight to summer,” Weezer commented on the release.

“Feels Like Summer” stays true to its name—the song has a warm, cheerful feel despite its melancholy lyrics.  The frontman of the band, Rivers Cuomo, even humourously dressed up in a sun costume while performing the new single on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Weezer also explores a more electronic sound, a territory they are not necessarily known for.

Compared to mid-90s Weezer, this sound reveals a completely different side to them.  The dynamic band is clearly picking up on recent music trends, but when it comes down to it, they still have the features of the Weezer we all know and love.

The music video for “Feels Like Summer” is a unique work of art in itself.  The entire video is a black and white line drawing of a man who constantly morphs into each of Weezer’s band members.  The video ends with an image of hands forming a “W,” Weezer’s iconic band logo.

As for the rest of the upcoming album, we can expect the sunny disposition displayed in “Feels Like Summer” to continue, but with an edge.  In an interview with NME, Cuomo explained, “I think it’s going to maybe be like Beach Boys gone bad.  I’m thinking of swearing, which is something I’ve never done in songs.”

“Feels Like Summer” is sure to be a summer banger.  Check it out below:

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