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Why “Like a Knife” is PrOfiles Favorite Song Off Their Debut Album

By Lauren Pardini & Danny Sternbaum of PrOfiles


Like a Knife” is one our favorite songs because we didn’t worry about making it a standard pop song despite the fact that lots of people have heard mostly pop structured songs from us in the past (meaning verse, chorus etc). A lot of times we write our songs on the piano first, but in this case it all started with a track that just consisted of that throbbing bass on one chord. It made total sense to write lyrics matching the lusty, sensual vibe with a bit of that foreboding quality like some bad shit is about to go down.

The track went from being sort of the odd one out to best representing the overall sound of our album, especially because it contains lots of the sounds of LA mixed in (police helicopters, the ocean, our friends talking) plus the end lyric of the song “I got caught up in attraction, now I want lust everlasting.” To us, that lyric pretty much sums up LA and the theme of our debut album, Jurassic Technologie.


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Lauren Pardini & Danny Sternbaum make up the electronica duo PrOfiles. Before PrOfiles, Lauren wrote and played keyboard in DJ Khalil’s camp while Danny toured with his band, Baby Monster, as well as remixing tracks for Ellie Goulding, Gorillaz and Miami Horror to name a few. In 2013, thh duo’s track “Call Yourself A Lover” went viral. PrOfiles debut album, Jurassic Technologie comes out February 2016.

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