First Listen: World’s Greatest Detective “No Jury In The World Would Convict Me”

by Chris Pizzolo

The Worlds Greatest Detective has been the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter Alex Heigl from the inception of the project. Releasing two basement recorded EP’s in which Heigl wore nearly every hat on the record, he returns with a new offering, No Jury In The World Would Convict MeWhat’s different this time around is that Heigl has rounded up a dexterous group of all-star musicians to form a firm band dynamic around these songs.  The new live lineup features Wes Smith on lead guitar, Evan Dresman on bass and Sam Sabin on drums.

Despite having a different group of performers on this record, No Jury In The World Would Convict Me, still touts the same outsider charm that Heigl has so eloquently captured on his first two releases.

When you listen to the record it’s evident that Heigl has had a rough run of it recently. It’s inevitable that heartbreak ultimately gets the best of us, but this record is more than that. This isn’t a record that grumbles about a rotten week, or month. This record is the reflection of a frustrated optimist. Songs like “Prize Spider” “Something Else” and “4 Certain” are lively declarations and battle cries for recognizing consistent misfortunes and finding your own identity.

When talking about the song “4 Certain” Heigl says, “it is a hodgepodge of rallying cries about finding your place in a meaningless world amidst other people.”

Featuring beautiful robust sounds that blend together folk stylings, and rock and roll impulses, the record feels like the music of Elvis Costello collided head on with Simon & Garfunkle, and Dinosaur Jr wrote a song about it. Outstanding tracks on the record include “4 Ceartain” and  the more downtempo track “Took” which features angelic vocal contributions from Leslie Hong of Haybaby.

It’s with great pleasure that we present an exclusive first listen of No Jury In The World Would Convict Me.

You can see the World’s Greatest Detective on Monday, November 14th, at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn New York. The show features performances from David Jacobson, The Royal They, and Planet Moon.

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