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The Modern Serenade: Xavier Omär’s “Blind Man”

by Chelsea Lim

The term “serenade” is defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “a complimentary vocal or instrumental performance; especially: one given outdoors at night for a woman being courted.”  Fast forward a few hundred years, and we find ourselves in the midst of Xavier Omär’s song, “Blind Man.”

Cool, heavy, and downtempo, “Blind Man” is a song from his EP The Everlasting Wave.  He fully appreciates the song’s subject. It is a serenade to her affection, attention, and desire.  A blend of R&B, soul, and hip-hop, “Blind Man” is a song that exudes both a classic and modern feel.

Omär’s vocals are a throwback to the early soul singers.  Free styling runs alternate between soft and powerful phrases with ease, while the hip-hop beat lends a familiarity to today’s music listeners.

He opens with, “I can love you with my eyes closed/ I don’t lose sight of your beauty ‘cause your heart is fine gold.”  The lyrics suggest a love that has long been defined, yet the nature of his emotion exposes the initial awe and surprise of both the internal and external beauty of his love interest.

The chorus continues with, “I’m so down for you/ I see you from the inside/ You’re so beautiful, girl, a blind man could love you./ Beauty in your soul, girl, a blind man could love you.”

In the song’s Gionna Lee remix, Omär is stripped of most of his accompanying instruments as he sings the melody with a slight variation over a softer beat and muffled piano chords.  This version provides a deeper form of the serenade, as it successfully enhances the classic soul and R&B elements that were previously integrated into a stylized rhythmic background.

“Blind Man” is a respectful nod to the power and influence of women from the perspective of a man in a male-dominated industry.  Passionate, intimate, and powerful, Omär presents a record that is sure to be emulated.

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