YJY “Past My Prime” Live From Astoria Soundworks

by Chris Pizzolo

YJY is a New Jersey based band that was formed by brothers Steve and Dave Sachs. Although they sit at opposite ends of the stage with Steve on vocals and Dave on drums, you can tell their intentions are unified. Creating a blended sound reminiscent of Weezer and Buddy Holly, the band infuses pop-poetic melodies with punk driven power-pop guitar chords.

Their Play Too Much session for “Past My Prime” comes in celebration of their latest release The Same Noise. When we asked Steve “why the name YJY?” he responded, “because it kind of looks like a face when you put the letters next to each other.”


Whether or not you see the face, we encourage you to watch this splendid session that was filmed in Queens at Astoria Soundworks studios. Turn it up and enjoy! 


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