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Young Empires Talk Live Show Rituals

 By: Taylor Hill of Young Empires

Pre show rituals have included a nice local dinner, possibly a nap at the hotel, going to a record store, warm ups, stretching, picking an outfit, getting amped up to go on stage. We always ask the locals where the best place to eat is because we want to find a great spot to eat in every city. If the drive was long that day and there is time for a nap that usually becomes our priority. Getting as much rest as possible is key to staying healthy and positive on the road. If we hear of a famous record store we will try to make it there if it is in close proximity to the venue. We love finding old gems in other cities.

Warm ups/ stretching usually start about one hour before show time and consists of vocals, hands, neck, and back. You never know what could happen on the road. Staying loose, warmed up and relaxed is important. You don’t want to hurt yourself and have another 15 shows to go. Warm ups are very important. Picking an outfit for the show is just as important. Looking like a rockstar is just one of the benefits of being in a band, so picking the proper gear is just as important as stretching. If we feel good and look good then nothing will stop us from having a great show. Stage style goes hand in hand with getting amped up for the show. It’s always great to have enough time between soundcheck and showtime. It allows us to unwind and relax after a full day of travel, set up and soundcheck.


Gigging for about 6 years now, originally with three live members, then four and now five. Adding additional players live has created a more engaging and rocking show. Times are changing and people want to see a live show instead of a DJ. Live rock shows are in more demand so performing live is important to us. We want our fans to love it. Our goal is to have everyone leave knowing their money wasn’t wasted. If we aren’t doing our jobs on stage then what is everyone paying to see? Translating our album to our fans live is the goal. So we have created our set list and live sound around our album. If you come to our show that is what you will hear. A driving, dancing, pumping good time.

With the live show the setup we have is guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals. We also use a computer for some effects and click track which is pretty standard these days. When we write an album it’s done in the studio, so setting up live sound is time consuming at first but once we have it; it becomes routine. We rehearse quite a bit so that playing becomes second nature and we can get crazier on stage.

Young Empires have made a splash within the industry for having a dark brooding sound with the pop sensibility of artists like the Killer and Strokes. The band’s musical knowledge has drawn comparisons to math rockers Battles and more. Young Empires is kicking off their spring tour with Bear Mountain in New York City tonight. For more on the band visit their site here. 


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