Young Lxrd: Never A Dull Moment

by Brandie Perez

There’s never a dull moment in the studio with the Washington Heights based rap artist, Young Lxrd. I’ve had the opportunity to watch his friends rise in the air when they heard him spit verses. The energy he creates through his personality and music is amazing. Young Lxrd is a member the BBP (Business Before Pleasure) collective featuring other NY based writers and musicians.


Lxrd has a unique sound, he’s not your normal verse to verse rapper because he’s actually got some nice pipes too. His soft spoken tone comes out in his songs such as “Litty” a remix he wrote and accompanied with a music video online.

We met Young Lxrd a couple months ago when he invited us to his studio for a photo shoot. Seeing the passion in his eyes when he performs is something a music lover needs to witness. In addition to “Litty” Young Lxrd has more must-listen to tracks on Soundcloud including; “Back On The Road” featuring long time friend and rap artist Skizzy.
If you’re looking for a new hip-hop artist to vibe to, you should absolutely check out this amazing and unique performer.

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