Zach Surp’s Latest Single “I Feel Like” Feels Like Alot

by Katlain Petrella

Zach Surp’s music is finding our ears from Paris, France; and though relationships tend to be viewed culturally, Surp’s new single surpasses the confines of socio-cultural relationship boundaries. His new single, “I Feel Like” expresses the importance of the all too well known essence surrounding that not-quite-never-in-reach-frozen-in-momentum type of budding romance. A difficult feeling to describe and elaborate on “I Feel Like” feels like a perfectly pitched figure of feeling, which listeners will find themselves eerily familiar with.

With its optimistic lyrics, it’s evident that this hopeful lover is struggling to suppress the admittance of feelings when in the presence of a slightly aloof other. Looped via droning downbeats of R&B, and matched with a crisp voice, the intent of the lyrics vie for the whimsy of an opening of communication, to answer the question posed by the verb – are these feelings mutual? Left solely with hints and clues there seems not a moment of appropriate timing with life as life is, busy. Instead, left with an absence of answers the world is left clouded by the same swarming, throat choking thoughts and gestures of a tongue cusped feeling. Ending in this same swirling repetition leads listeners to find no resolution, yet rather left to identify personally with the tropic flustered figure of being stuck in a stagnant like/love/crush, and its vibrating sexual flurries partnered with its debasing frustrations. These confrontational essences heard here are best emulated in the binaries of Surp’s upbeat vocals partnered with his downbeat tones. With its final verse left echoing the first, it’s evident that “I Feel Like” remains to feel another day.

Zach Surp I Feel Like

“I Feel Like” is out now via Newlywed Records

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