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“This Song Has Put Some Sort of Electricity in Our Bones” | Half The Animal Debut Track “Babylon”

by Chase Johnson of Half The Animal

Life has been quite a rollercoaster for what seems like forever. After many tours and studio sessions we have rebranded our band which has taken the shape of Half The Animal and last week we released our baby, aka, “Babylon”.

“Babylon” tells a story of losing your youth through bad habits but helps paint a picture to the sure fact that you and you, alone have the means to change your future’s fate. We hope this song finds any listener in the most positive ways and helps through anytime or even just speaks to them with their own life.

We had the beautiful opportunity of creating this song with J Kash, Ammo, and Matt Beckley who happen to be some of our favorite people in the industry. We talked about life experiences, listened to any songs that pulled at our heart strings during that time and then just like that… “Babylon” was born!

The boys and I truly love what this song has to say because it is dear to our hearts and we hope everyone else feels the same. With that said, the release of this song has put some sort of electricity in our bones that we were missing for a bit while under the roof of the studio/writing cave. We now will be touring in the fall and cannot wait to show the world what we’ve been up to!

Thank you for reading and as always:

“Do what you love and it’ll love you back”



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