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March 2017 | Undercover
new music playlist

February 2017 | The big country

January 2017 | Killing me softly

December 2016 | Again


November 2016 | Where do we go


October 2016 | Deep Water


September 2016 | Self ControlSelf control



August 2016 | Hands up


July 2016 | On The Map
On the map


June 2016 | Blessings

May 2016 | Cut Me Down

April 2016 | Community of Hope
community of hope


March 2016 | Modern
MODERNin times when it takes so much effort getting in touch with the real
world… remember to never lose sight of yourself. be the best person
that you are, find your lane… time doesn’t exist


February 2016 | Let’s Get Lost
Let's get lost


January 2016 | 11

I’m having trouble living with my whole heart
This is old hat
It’s an old art
It’s dividing who I am and what I stand for
Trying to find myself a semblance of an answer

I just wanna be one

December 2015 | i belong

i belong
At a belated Thanksgiving Dinner at my family’s friends’ home in New Jersey, the hostess – my mom’s friend – made the unorthodox choice of asking each guest at the table (many of whom had just met) to reflect on their personal internal growth over the year 2015. After the initial nervousness, everyone opened up.

For me, this year was the first time since I was a child where I began to feel my own barriers and defenses melt away in favor of a firm, clear vision of myself in this world – that who I wanted to be, could be, and would be, lays right in front of me for the taking. There is no one who can stop me except myself.

It’s a lonely world, but I am grateful to hang on to my immutable dreams and the rare, precious relationships where I feel seen and connected.

This is the December 2015 edition of INNER LIFE.

November 2015 | A woman is alive…


In July 2012, I began sharing a monthly playlist featuring my own discoveries, favorites, and occasionally demos with a few dozen friends. Over time, it’s become a method for me to create narrative using the music that compels me as the voice of my subconscious, in order to reflect, make sense of my feelings and move forward. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share it publicly through Play Too Much, and I hope it holds value for you as well. This is the November 2015 edition of INNER LIFE.