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Feeling Sentimental With Jake McMullen’s New Single “Falling”

by Katherine Butler

Jake McMullen Falling review

“Falling” is the latest single from Jake McMullen‘s upcoming Giving Up EP release, set for April 21st. The Los Angeles native moved to Nashville a few years back separating himself from the usual indie folk artists in Tennessee by mixing his music with his experience in the electronic music scene common in California.

The song opens with an 80s electronic retro vibe. When Jake’s mellifluous voice comes in to sing lyrics such as “But I ain’t coming back for you this time” with apparent feeling, his listeners cannot help but feel sentimental. Guitar and synthesizer riffs flow beautifully throughout the entire song, while Jake’s voice cascades through.

McMullen boasts a talented history with successful melancholy hits “If I Go” and “Giving Up.” In his songs, McMullen confronts sorrow and heartbreak head-on. “Falling” proves no exception to this trend.

McMullen revealed in an interview with The 405 that his latest release is about “self-realization and coming to terms with the fact that you can’t disguise how you feel, no matter what you may do to try and hide it,” and adds, “The song is inherently very dark and moody but it was a lot of fun to experiment and usher in these elements to the song that elevated the funk and groove of it all.”

If you are like me, you will find yourself listening to Jake’s dreamy ballad on repeat. Check out “Falling” below:

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