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“Our goal was to keep pushing the music” – Paperwhite on the making of their new single “Unstoppable”

by Katie Marshall of Paperwhite

about-photoUnstoppable” was one of the first songs we worked on where we actively critiqued as we went, so the writing process was challenging. Our goal was to keep pushing the music until we couldn’t push any more. That meant re-writing hooks over and over again. Our main focus for “Unstoppable” was the chorus. We knew that once we had the chorus down the rest would fall into place.

I remember sitting on the docks by the East River in Williamsburg writing down different ideas one after another, while Ben worked on the production side of things at the studio.  We must have gone through a dozen lyrical and melodic ideas before feeling satisfied.  When we finally sat back and listened through what we came up with, it was so rewarding.

“Unstoppable” is one of our most pop-foward songs and we felt like we accomplished something pop while being true to ourselves. It’s so important to us that our music has substance, to feel that there is some weight behind it. We want it to feel fresh, yet keep that sense of nostalgia that we’ve found in our melodies.

We’ve written so many songs over the years that it can be easy to gloss over the fine details sometimes. The songs we’ve written that we’re most proud of are the ones that we know we put everything into. At the end of our session we want to feel like we gave it our all. Because of that, we’ve made it our mission to always keep pushing. That’s why we’re so excited to share the Escape EP with our listeners and even more excited to get back in the studio and continue writing. Growing with our music has been an incredible experience.

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Paperwhite, brother sister Katie and Ben Marshall are a Dream-Pop duo from Brooklyn, NY. Katie’s sophisticated melodies bounce from star to star in a lush galaxy of synthesized textures. Ben, also the drummer for Brooklyn band Savoir Adore, is the producer and co-writer. Their second EP Escape comes out spring 2016.

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